One of the most progressive platforms which synergizes Indo-German network for the exchange of technology and innovation while keeping in mind the work ethics and culture. Our Association focusses on Plastics, Polymers, Packaging, Printing, Mould Making, Recycling, Injection Moulding and Other Plastic related Companies. Our association is a hub which promotes exports, expansion and collaboration of these Companies, creating a bridge between both the countries businesses and cultures. The main objective of the association is to provide an ecosystem for efficient exchange between the two countries through technology sharing and trade network for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


The outline of our mission is to strengthen the relation between the Indian and German companies. This association is created to achieve the following:

• To create a Special German Indian Interest Group in Europe.

• To Develop new markets and the optimisation of value chains as well as creating new supply chains.

• To manifest new powerful German Indian market place in Europe within the Global Plastics industry.

• To promote the profile of our members in both the markets providing a platform to explore more opportunities.

• To provide legal and logistical assistance to the German companies to develop in India


To Expand Our Network In Indo-German Plastic Industry, The Team Of GIPPev Organises The Following Programmes And Initiatives:

German and Indian Exchange Programme where we take a delegation of our Indian members for Industrial exposure in Germany at the same time we invite the German members to visit the Indian Plastic Industry.

• B2B meetings of the German and Indian Plastics industry where we conduct B2B meetings online as well as in person on the various developments and innovations in the Plastic Industry.

• Participation in World’s Renowned Plastic Fairs and Shows where we take the delegation of our members for the exchange of the business ideas and explore new opportunities around the world.