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Connecting German / European and India Plastics industry


Creating a Special German Indian Interest Group in Europe. Developing new markets, optimisation of value chains, creating new supply chains.

We make a noise in the German Indian Plastics & Polymers market. We promote our members profile in both the markets showing the advantages and possibilities. Our mission is to put German and Indian companies in the focus of interest. Our aim is to give India a better name in the German and partly in the European Plastics industry and in return to prevent the well known hurdles and possible snares for German companies starting a business in India. The outline of our mission: Being suspicious, come together, learn from each other, get to know each other, take profit of each other, finding competitive partners and being successful in your target market.


A new powerful German Indian market place in Europe within the Global Plastics industry.

We are the network and the voice of the German and Indian Plastics industry located in Europe and worldwide. We focus equally the interests of all Indian and all German Plastics related businesses & Plastics related institutions. We connect markets. We create new markets. We connect people from the German and Indian Plastics & Polymers industry.

Why the Association?

The main purpose of the association is to promote the export and cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the plastics industry in Germany and India. As a common platform of its members from Germany and India, the association is to be the linchpin in the initiation of an export and expansion – oriented cooperation of the plastics industry of these two countries, but also a bridge of rapprochement and mutual exchange between the two cultures ,

The purpose is to facilitate access to each other, both business and personal, to learn from and benefit from one another, and to build healthy, lasting business relationships. With its facilities and programs, the association reacts flexibly to the respective current developments in the German and Indian plastics industry and their market relationships with each other, as well as their position in global competition.

Who should Join Us?

B2B Businesses in the Plastics industry only. Industry – Product – and Processing wise in particular Small and Medium-sized European / Indian enterprises so called SME’s. Please see a survey regarding the following listed businesses:

  • Chemical materials manufacturing
  • Recycling & Biobased materials
  • Composites & High Performance materials
  • Compounding / Masterbatches
  • Material Testing & Controlling
  • Mixing & Dosing
  • Auxiliary
  • Automation
  • Tool making / Mold making
  • Prototyping
  • Recycling
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding
  • Blown FilmFilm/sheet Extrusion
  • Calendering
  • Coating
  • Filament/tape winding
  • Supplying industry
  • Trading
  • Packaging
  • Solar
  • Pipe / Profile / Cable Extrusion


  1. You make use of our strong Indian and German network in the Plastics & Polymer industry including other countries of the EU. As a member you reach almost all important customers from the Processing industry, the Material producing industry as well as the companies from the Machinery and Plant manufacturing and Auxiliary equipment in the two important markets India and Germany..
  2. You will have a permanent presence in your Target market starting with your registration.
  3. You will get a clearly defined basic promotion of your Indian & German overseas business including “proof of manufacturer “. This contains: Presence in our Brochures, on our Website & Platform, on our own Video channel  with Upload and Download function for Uploading= of your clips and a presence on our own Events plus on other coming up Exhibitions & Conferences we take part in.
  4. You get connected to your colleagues in our membership coming from your target market.
  5. We provide you with the basics regarding your Indian and German target market.
  6. You may take profit of the profound information and business possibilities offered to our members in our events at cost reduced prices.
  7. You decide together with the membership about that what matters to you. You decide about the programs in our yearly events . So we can make sure, that you always get our most effective support.
  8. You will be informed about the tendencies regarding Market & Innovation development in Germany and India in the near future. Which will be the most frequented technologies in your target market and which will be the most important fields of application they will be used for, in Germany, in India ? It could help you in a précised positioning of your company in your target market.
  9. You make use of our connections and the network in the Asian market and in the EU market.
  10. Other Additional services at extra costs: Help regarding legal affairs like Agreements, Contracts, Tax & Customs, HR etc and Market research can be provided as per your requirements and at extra costs..

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