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German to issue warnings about impending heatwaves

Aside from launching a dedicated website for towns and local authorities to determine the measures they can take, Lauterbach said authorities are also examining how best to issue warnings about impending heatwaves.

Environment Minister Steffi Lemke said global warming is causing new health risks in Europe that can be addressed with measures like providing more shade and cool places in cities during heatwaves.

The German government said Monday June 26, 2023 that it is launching a campaign to help local authorities prevent vulnerable people from dying during heatwaves

The German plan could include targeted measures for sick and elderly people about the symptoms of heat stroke or even cooling rooms and free water dispensers.

Last year, Germany experienced extreme heatwaves, persistent periods of drought and record sunshine, according to national weather service DWD. It was one of the country’s warmest years since records began.

But the federal government saw no need for a national heat action plan instead relying on local authorities to deal with extreme temperatures. But very few so far have put a plan in place.

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