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WSCC and GIPPev (Frankfurt)Forge Strategic Partnership

WSCC and GIPPev (Frankfurt)Forge Strategic Partnership


23/6/2023 New Delhi- The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC) and the German Indian Plastics and Polymers (GIPPev) have officially announced a significant strategic partnership aimed at fostering economic growth and promoting bilateral trade opportunities between their respective organizations.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Parmeet Singh Chadha, Global Chairman of the World Sikh Chamber of Commerce(WSCC), and Amrinder Singh Arora, President of GIPPev North India. The signing ceremony took place at the prestigious Clay1 located at Moti Nagar.

The collaboration between WSCC and GIPPev seeks to leverage the expertise and resources of both organizations to create a conducive environment for business expansion, investment, and technology exchange in the plastics and polymers industry. This partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among the members of both organizations, promoting innovation and sustainable practices in the sector.

Parmeet Singh Chadha, Global Chairman of WSCC, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both WSCC and GIPPev. By combining our strengths and working together, we aim to unlock new avenues of growth, foster economic development, and contribute to the overall prosperity of our communities.”

Amrinder Singh Arora, President of GIPPev North India, shared similar sentiments, emphasizing the potential for greater cooperation and business opportunities. “We are thrilled to join hands with WSCC and harness the power of synergy. Together, we can bridge the gap between nations, promote entrepreneurship, and drive sustainable growth in the plastics and polymers industry,” he said.

The partnership between WSCC and GIPPev will not only facilitate trade and investment opportunities but also enable cultural exchange and collaboration between the Sikh business community and the Indian plastics and polymers industry. It is expected to generate positive economic impact and create a platform for future collaborations and initiatives.
Tajinder Singh Goya, Amardeep Singh and other fellow members from both Organisations attended the event.

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